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The Cube, One Bedroom Apartments 

Marble Surface
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Short-Term Accommodation Made For Your Comfort


Our short-term accommodations redefine comfort. We offer fully furnished, modern properties to make you feel at home. By booking directly with us, you skip service charges, enjoying greater value for your money. Experience the pinnacle of short-term comfort at Tryline Property.

Tryline Property

Marble Surface

Customer Service

We offer exceptional customer service, we are on hand to offer support. If you want to make your stay that little bit more personalised, we are more than happy to discuss any special requests with you prior to your booking!

Fully Furnished

All of our accommodation are self catering and we provide all amenities needed for a comfortable stay.

Free Parking

Most of our accommodation come with free parking so you don't have to stress about parking.


We have some fantastic properties in a range of locations throughout Yorkshire. We cater for different group sizes up to 8, providing flat screen TV’s, Netflix and free Wi-Fi.

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